Thoughts become things


Many people were first introduced to the Law of Attraction was ‘The Secret’, that was a decent film but was skirting around the real Secret.

When thinking of the law of attraction we often think of getting fast cars private jets a big house etc etc etc..

While these things are of course nice it kind of misses the point of it all, I once read the thoughts become things, faith can move mountains we have all these things, but what if thoughts become feelings before they become things?

That would require you to know how it would feel to have nice cars and jets and the such, but what if it’s not about the material things?

If you look around you will see that feelings draw people, situations,, and things to you that give you more of the same feelings, feelings of bliss attract to you things that make you feel blissful and vis versa.

Don’t believe me? cast your mind back to how you felt when you couldn’t get your car started or you missed your train, didn’t it start off a chain of events that more than likely ruined your morning or even your day.

Now do the same again when you were blissfully happy, remember how everything was going your way that day.


Stay grateful


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The yesterday’s smoker

We all know nicotine is a drug, we all know it’s bad for our health, we all know how addictive it can be, but still, knowing all this we still smoke, some for years, some for a life time. 😔

I had no intention of smoking as a kid. It all started when I was 17, hanging out with my friends, going to clubs, wanting to be the same as they were, wanting to blend in basically. I have been a smoker for 20 odd years.

Over the years, my friends have changed. Most of them were non smokers, but still I continued to smoke.

Only quit when I was 24, for about 6 months, but got back to it in a very bad, moody day. You will probably ask why!? Because it’s relaxing, unwinding, it was my only guilty pleasure,gives you something to do with your hands at all times and let’s be honest, it goes so well with your coffee.😉

Have always been told by friends, family, later in life when I discovered I have a under active thyroid, by my doctor, that I should quit, that I can free myself of the little demon in my head that says I need a cigarette and all it will take is me and a strong will power.

Allen’s Carr book-The Easy Way to Stop Smoking was a revelation for me. Loved the book, it all make sense, reading it I said: Yes, I can do this. Surprisingly at the end, I haven’t stopped smoking at all, not for 1 day. It didn’t worked for me, it did worked for some of my friends and millions of people on the planet too. 😁

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So, long story short, life is better without nicotine. And all it takes is a strong will. If I can do it, so can you. Free yourself! ❤️

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5 Seconds To Change Your Life

5 Seconds To Change Your Life

I have just finished reading The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, to be honest, I haven’t heard about it until one of our mentors in SFM recommended it.
Quite an interesting read. I have enjoyed it from the first pages and it continued to put a smile on my face all the way to the final page.
Mel Robbins is talking about the power within each of us, and the easiest way to get started in any areas of our lives, start counting : 5,4,3,2,1 – and Do It. Just like the big retailer Nike says : Just do it. If you have an idea, a thought, you need to 5,4,3,2,1 and get moving, if you don’t move in the first 5 seconds, your brain will start acting.
Throughout the whole book, all the testimonials of people that started using Mel’s 5 seconds rule have the same context : start counting backwards 5,4,3,2,1 and start moving. Otherwise, you will might never get that promotion, you might never tell your kids how proud you are of them, you might never get the courage to become an entrepreneur, you might never tell your partner how much he means to you and so on.
I knew all this, but never tried to apply it as a 5 second rule. It works for me too as for all the others,it’s my motivation to exercise in the gym couple of times a week and the changes in my self esteem and energy levels have started showing off.
So, yes, I do recommend it too. A good book, that can change your life and help you beat the fear that might be holding you down at the moment, stopping you from living the dream life, from becoming whom you are supposed to be, the best version of you. 5,4,3,2,1 – Go.

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