Complementary Bootcamp Video Series

Hi all,

Hopefully you would have already signed up to the complementary Bootcamp Seven day video series, if you haven’t feel to view them in chronological order.

The video series is a great introduction to ecommerce and to how to develop an online business.

Here are the links on one handy page so that you can dip into the seven day video series whenever and how often you want.

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Roy & Cristina

Video 1 – SFM Digital Lifestyle Introduction – Hello Realistic Opportunity!

Video 2 – Understanding and Tapping Into the Booming Digital Economy

Video 3 – Why Isn’t Everyone Making Good Money Online?

Video 4 – The KEY Ingredient for Succeeding with an Online Business

Video 5 – Your Springboard to Online Success – Proven Integrated Product Suite

Video 6 – An Inspiring Story – Massive Opportunity Is Never Far Away!

Video 7 – An Incredible Story – Radical Transformation Thanks to the Digital Economy