My Pet My Love

Our pets…they are loving, playful, loyal, cute and last, but not least, so freakin adorable. 🙈You got to love them. But not everyone has a pet, and I know why now…

I grew up very close of my grandparent’s house and they had it all there: dogs, cats, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, chicken, ducks, goose, turkeys, you name it. 🙊I used to spend my summer breaks at their house a lot, and being a kid, you just love chasing them all lol. 🏃🏽‍♀️

I used to feed and care for them, because my grandparents wanted to teach me to be responsible, which actually worked, I felt like I was doing something big when I was feeding them and taking them for a stroll. 👱🏼‍♀️

Had my first pet dog when I was 10. Her name was Lucky, a German Shepard. We were best friends for a few years, but she got really sick and I’ve lost her.

Must have been the most painful experience of my childhood. 😪 Mum and dad didn’t get me any other dog after, just to protect me and my broken heart, we did have parrots and my sister used to bring in all the stray cats she found in the street, to my mum’s horror😡 lol.

We never got to keep any of the kittens, my mum doesn’t really like cats. 😬

Leaving my parents’ s house to go to university when I was 19, moving houses a lot as a student, and then living in different cities, before I settle down in my last flat, never had the chance to have another pet.

I have always thought that if you are at work all day, it’s best not to leave your pet alone for so long.

Moving in with my partner Roy, just 2 years ago, in his flat, I discovered his cat, Smudge. Smudge is a black female cat, 15 years old and with a very big personality. 😼

Me and Smudge started off on the wrong foot, for sure. We are 2 females fighting for the same territory and the same man, considering that she has been around my Roy since she was a kitten.😝

Took about a whole year of living together, with lots of spitting, hissing, biting and scratching, before we made peace. I have never been a cat person, so most days I just wanted to throw her out. 😅

Takes a lot of love, patience and hard work to live with a cat, especially one with Smudge’s personality. 😼

Because she was always a house cat, Smudge is very sensitive to outside flees, bugs and all sort of creatures. She got very ill last year on Easter, when I was home alone.

She had no food or water for almost 24 h, was very poorly, she looked so frail and weak. I had to do something, so I called the vet.

I took her in to the Hospital, (which nowadays cost a fortune), they had to run all sorts of tests on her and keep her overnight as it looked like a food poisoning and she needed the drip.

The vet was very skeptical she will make it, but did her very best. 👩🏻‍⚕️

I cried that night, the house was so empty without her running around everywhere, I realized that I would miss her terribly if she would go, I realized I loved her.

So I promised myself to be her friend if she will make it. We took her home the next day, she was better, but still frail.

She saw me cry for her, I kissed her all evening and held her tight. Since that day, we are the best friends ever.

We learned to live with each other, share the house and Roy, play, argue, but mostly love each other. 🙎🏻‍♀️❤️🐈

My cat acts like a dog lol, she brings me her toys over when she wants to play, she comes running when I call her, she rolls and slides on the carpet all the time, she is amazing.

I even taught her Romanian 🤠

My story has a happy ending, because Smudge is family now, she taught me to love, she taught me to play and laugh, she made me clean the house every day ( ohhh the hair 🙀) and she reminded me that a pet only has you, you are their whole world.

So, please take care of your pets, they are amazing. And if you don’t have one, adopt one, you’ll make them happy for life. If I can do it, so can you. 🙋🏼‍♀️👍🏻❤️

Thoughts become things


Many people were first introduced to the Law of Attraction was ‘The Secret’, that was a decent film but was skirting around the real Secret.

When thinking of the law of attraction we often think of getting fast cars private jets a big house etc etc etc..

While these things are of course nice it kind of misses the point of it all, I once read the thoughts become things, faith can move mountains we have all these things, but what if thoughts become feelings before they become things?

That would require you to know how it would feel to have nice cars and jets and the such, but what if it’s not about the material things?

If you look around you will see that feelings draw people, situations,, and things to you that give you more of the same feelings, feelings of bliss attract to you things that make you feel blissful and vis versa.

Don’t believe me? cast your mind back to how you felt when you couldn’t get your car started or you missed your train, didn’t it start off a chain of events that more than likely ruined your morning or even your day.

Now do the same again when you were blissfully happy, remember how everything was going your way that day.


Stay grateful


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Do The Right Thing

Motivation, what is your motive to action?

Many of us say we want to be successful but our dreams are not big enough.

If you are distracted by the obstacles in your path then your dream is not big enough, when your dream is big enough the facts really do not count.

Find out what you truly want, what gets you so juiced that you can’t sleep at night then and only then are ready for success.

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Personal Development

Zig Ziglar often said that Self Development is like bathing, if you don’t do it daily you start to stink.

What do you do daily to develop yourself?

Personally, I love to read and listen to audios, the subjects I love to learn are on business strategy, law of attraction, people skills, sales skills and learning how learn differently (Photo Reading TM is a prime example)

Over the years I have grown a substantial library and a large catalogue of audios to dip in to as the mood takes me.

If you are not a reader, there a tons of free or for pennies audio books out there, and YouTube for Videos on personal development and motivation.

Feeding your mind is so important, we all have that little voice inside our head, it has been there since the dawn of civilisation and has on many occasions saved us from being food for Saber Toothed Tigers and the such, and to some degree it helps us in the odd circumstances today.

In our modern era the threats have all but disappeared, but the voice is still there looking out for us, giving us reasons to doubt our decisions.

How do we silence it? Quite simply we can’t, what we can do though is to train it by reading positive books and uplifting audios we quiet the voice and allow it to do the job it is there for, alert us of threats.

Now this being said, if you are not looking to develop yourself no problem at all, let your voice run free for a while and I will see you down the book store in a few months.

We all know people that are so negative that if you put them in to a dark room they would develop, don’t be one of them.

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My Fitness Journey

Before first time back
Me and fitness…😂😂😂. I have always admired people that can do it, can go to the gym 3, 4 times a week or more, eat healthy, so called “chicken salad” folks, don’t drink alcohol, all the fit lifestyle but I have never dreamed of becoming one.
Let’s say I never needed to when I was in my twenties, I could eat anything I wanted whenever I wanted and was still 48kg. But when you turn 30, the story completely changes and your body with it. 🧐
The breakthrough happened when I put on 10kg in a few months, just because I have discovered I had Graves disease, which is a form of thyroid insufficiency, meaning I need steroids to keep my thyroid functioning properly. I have heard before of overweight people that blamed the thyroid for their shape. It is all nonsense! I can say that, because I have this thyroid problem for 10 years now, I have been and still am under treatment and medical supervision, I have been both dieting and eating normal all these years and YOU can control your weight if you are aware of your carbs and sugars intake! 👍
I used to run few days a week when I was back home, or just go to classes a few times, done Zumba, Capoeira, Kangoo Jumps, it was all fun, was doing it just to have more energy, I was getting close to 35 and wanted to keep a bit of left over shape from my twenties. 😃
And then I came to London. 🤩 I used to be a size 8, and got to a size 12 in just a few years. Why?! Because I stopped exercising, changed doctors and treatments for my thyroid and most of all, started experiencing the English food. I am not blaming anyone for it, just myself, the food is nice and you just feel like you are on vacation and you have to try it all, you feel like a tourist here lol 😝
Another major factor for losing my shape is that I love baking too and had to try and bake all the new British cakes. One of my favorites shows is Bake off still, I have recorded all the series. 😂
But after I quit smoking, I replaced the cigarettes with candy 🍭 and something had to change, because I was tired all the time, no energy, lack or sleep, 😴was moody all the time, and just felt drained and knackered most days. So had to get a gym contract and The Venue in Borehamwood turned out to be the perfect choice. 🏋
Started with a gym program and Zumba once a week, less carbs and sugar. All great, easy start, things were going in the right direction, lost 4 cm in just a month, but didn’t realized I had developed Plantar fasciitis, which is a very sharp pain in the arch of your foot.  Had to go to see my GP and was told I will need to rest my foot, so no going to the gym more than twice a week, and stretching few times a day, all this should make it all better in a few weeks👨. That was almost a month ago, and nothing changed, the pain is still there🤕, getting worse actually, although my gym trainer, Curtis changed my exercises to rest my foot, focusing on weights more and abdominal work, I’ve done my daily stretching,I got a new pair of trainers with better arch support and I have given up the Zumba class on Sunday for a while now. Next step is seeing a chiropractor for some massage and correction, hopefully that will work.
My point on this is I will not give up on going to the gym 3, 4 times a week, although with a changed routine that will not make the pain worse, and trust me, the pain can be too much at times. But I cannot stop now. I am starting to love my shape again 💪and I got my energy and joy back too. 👫
So if you are thinking in starting a new, healthier lifestyle, go for it, but be careful with this Plantar fasciitis. Everything else feels great 💃.And as I always say, if I can do it, so can you! 💕🙋
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After first time back

The Courageous Foreigner

I am a foreigner, a UK resident who’s been here almost 4 years now. Takes a lot of courage to leave your country, your home, your friends and family behind and go out in the world basically.

My story is a happy ending story though. Because I’ve learned to love UK, with her moody and rainy days, with her sunny corners, lovely old houses, stunning sea views all around us, our own beautiful garden and lastly, very nice folks. 🤩

It has been quite a journey, with up’s and down’s, new friends, new family, new houses, new jobs, new surroundings, lots of new, nothing of the old, apart for some friends that came over and visited some time ago. 😂

It’s hard to try to belong here, especially that I came here with the burning desire of doing well, finding love and staying, making this a new home. Most foreigners, the ones I’ve come across, anyway, come to make enough money to buy a house back home, and they leave in a few years, so for them it really doesn’t make much of a difference of whom you hang out with and who to trust at the end of the day.

But, for me, it was different. I’ve always been smart and professional, friendly, caring, funny and a team player. All this has helped so far, because I managed to go back to working in the financial sector, my life time field, just as of last year, after being a carer, a waiter, a receptionist, and a sales adviser. Takes time to rebuild your career in a different country, your university degree or experience don’t really matter. You have to rediscover yourself a few times, and be able to lower your standards, just to get out there and restart your career. 🤩

Now, London is home, and Bucharest is just to visit my friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, Romania is still my home country, my first home anyway, I still miss my family and friends, I will always go back to visit but I will not live there anymore. Why? Because I got my wish. To come, do well, find love and stay. I have achieved a lot in the last years, I’ve changed a lot, the me living in Bucharest was different to this me living in London. 😉

I guess it’s true when they say that living in a foreign country build you up. It does, but in the same time makes you see the bigger picture, because you get to have more money, more choices, more opportunities, more happy moments. It all comes with a price though : leaving everything you love behind. But if you are courageous enough, new challenges will come up daily and it would be foolish not to take them on. 👍🏻

In a nutshell, I found a new home away from home. It has to be the bravest thing I’ve done so far, and I’ve made mum and dad proud in the process too. 👌

So, a piece of advice from someone how’s done it, takes time to rebuilt yourself up in a foreign country, but if you are thinking about making the big moving step, just do it, everything will be so much better once you’re there. If I could do it, so can you. 💕

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The yesterday’s smoker

We all know nicotine is a drug, we all know it’s bad for our health, we all know how addictive it can be, but still, knowing all this we still smoke, some for years, some for a life time. 😔

I had no intention of smoking as a kid. It all started when I was 17, hanging out with my friends, going to clubs, wanting to be the same as they were, wanting to blend in basically. I have been a smoker for 20 odd years.

Over the years, my friends have changed. Most of them were non smokers, but still I continued to smoke.

Only quit when I was 24, for about 6 months, but got back to it in a very bad, moody day. You will probably ask why!? Because it’s relaxing, unwinding, it was my only guilty pleasure,gives you something to do with your hands at all times and let’s be honest, it goes so well with your coffee.😉

Have always been told by friends, family, later in life when I discovered I have a under active thyroid, by my doctor, that I should quit, that I can free myself of the little demon in my head that says I need a cigarette and all it will take is me and a strong will power.

Allen’s Carr book-The Easy Way to Stop Smoking was a revelation for me. Loved the book, it all make sense, reading it I said: Yes, I can do this. Surprisingly at the end, I haven’t stopped smoking at all, not for 1 day. It didn’t worked for me, it did worked for some of my friends and millions of people on the planet too. 😁

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So, long story short, life is better without nicotine. And all it takes is a strong will. If I can do it, so can you. Free yourself! ❤️

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5 Seconds To Change Your Life

5 Seconds To Change Your Life

I have just finished reading The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, to be honest, I haven’t heard about it until one of our mentors in SFM recommended it.
Quite an interesting read. I have enjoyed it from the first pages and it continued to put a smile on my face all the way to the final page.
Mel Robbins is talking about the power within each of us, and the easiest way to get started in any areas of our lives, start counting : 5,4,3,2,1 – and Do It. Just like the big retailer Nike says : Just do it. If you have an idea, a thought, you need to 5,4,3,2,1 and get moving, if you don’t move in the first 5 seconds, your brain will start acting.
Throughout the whole book, all the testimonials of people that started using Mel’s 5 seconds rule have the same context : start counting backwards 5,4,3,2,1 and start moving. Otherwise, you will might never get that promotion, you might never tell your kids how proud you are of them, you might never get the courage to become an entrepreneur, you might never tell your partner how much he means to you and so on.
I knew all this, but never tried to apply it as a 5 second rule. It works for me too as for all the others,it’s my motivation to exercise in the gym couple of times a week and the changes in my self esteem and energy levels have started showing off.
So, yes, I do recommend it too. A good book, that can change your life and help you beat the fear that might be holding you down at the moment, stopping you from living the dream life, from becoming whom you are supposed to be, the best version of you. 5,4,3,2,1 – Go.

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The Magic

There is a lot to say about Rhonda Byrne, the author of several successful books, among which The Magic, my favorite of them all.

I will only say she was my law of attraction beginning, Why? Because it came into my life in a moment when I was lost, sad, alone and thought nothing good can happen to me.

I have always loved magic, ever since I was a child,  always believing my Prince with the White horse coming to save me, why bring love into this topic you may ask.

Because the most important miracle to this day ( all this started 3 years ago), that came out of this amazing, beautiful book, was me attracting the love of my life, my fiancé, my best friend, my better half, my all.

All it took it was putting my wish out to the universe, believe in it and the universe delivered.😊

I have always been really stubborn and hard to convince about anything, circumstances, facts, people, let alone The Universe and things you can attract.

On the other hand, I have always believed in coincidences, you know when you think of someone and that someone shows up or calls, when you wish to have something ( clothes, jewelry, food) and you magically see it in a shop, or when you dream of the perfect holiday and you find an amazing offer online for perfect holidays and the list could go on and on…only to find out years later, that all these things are not coincidences, they are manifestations of the Law of Attraction. It actually works! 👍🏻

I have been using it daily ever since, and it has brought me and us as a couple amazing moments, an amazing home, new and amazing jobs, an amazing travel club that allows us to have great holidays every year and so much more.

The Law of Attraction works for small or large, all you have to do is believe and put your wish out to the Universe.

Believe it can happen to you, believe you deserve it, believe you will attract it, believe that the Universe is working for your benefit, in your favor, and you can manifest your most amazing life, most amazing memories, If it worked for me, it will work for anyone. 👌🏼💕

Make it happen, believe in The Magic and start living. 😉

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