Thoughts become things


Many people were first introduced to the Law of Attraction was ‘The Secret’, that was a decent film but was skirting around the real Secret.

When thinking of the law of attraction we often think of getting fast cars private jets a big house etc etc etc..

While these things are of course nice it kind of misses the point of it all, I once read the thoughts become things, faith can move mountains we have all these things, but what if thoughts become feelings before they become things?

That would require you to know how it would feel to have nice cars and jets and the such, but what if it’s not about the material things?

If you look around you will see that feelings draw people, situations,, and things to you that give you more of the same feelings, feelings of bliss attract to you things that make you feel blissful and vis versa.

Don’t believe me? cast your mind back to how you felt when you couldn’t get your car started or you missed your train, didn’t it start off a chain of events that more than likely ruined your morning or even your day.

Now do the same again when you were blissfully happy, remember how everything was going your way that day.


Stay grateful


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