The Courageous Foreigner

I am a foreigner, a UK resident who’s been here almost 4 years now. Takes a lot of courage to leave your country, your home, your friends and family behind and go out in the world basically.

My story is a happy ending story though. Because I’ve learned to love UK, with her moody and rainy days, with her sunny corners, lovely old houses, stunning sea views all around us, our own beautiful garden and lastly, very nice folks. 🤩

It has been quite a journey, with up’s and down’s, new friends, new family, new houses, new jobs, new surroundings, lots of new, nothing of the old, apart for some friends that came over and visited some time ago. 😂

It’s hard to try to belong here, especially that I came here with the burning desire of doing well, finding love and staying, making this a new home. Most foreigners, the ones I’ve come across, anyway, come to make enough money to buy a house back home, and they leave in a few years, so for them it really doesn’t make much of a difference of whom you hang out with and who to trust at the end of the day.

But, for me, it was different. I’ve always been smart and professional, friendly, caring, funny and a team player. All this has helped so far, because I managed to go back to working in the financial sector, my life time field, just as of last year, after being a carer, a waiter, a receptionist, and a sales adviser. Takes time to rebuild your career in a different country, your university degree or experience don’t really matter. You have to rediscover yourself a few times, and be able to lower your standards, just to get out there and restart your career. 🤩

Now, London is home, and Bucharest is just to visit my friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, Romania is still my home country, my first home anyway, I still miss my family and friends, I will always go back to visit but I will not live there anymore. Why? Because I got my wish. To come, do well, find love and stay. I have achieved a lot in the last years, I’ve changed a lot, the me living in Bucharest was different to this me living in London. 😉

I guess it’s true when they say that living in a foreign country build you up. It does, but in the same time makes you see the bigger picture, because you get to have more money, more choices, more opportunities, more happy moments. It all comes with a price though : leaving everything you love behind. But if you are courageous enough, new challenges will come up daily and it would be foolish not to take them on. 👍🏻

In a nutshell, I found a new home away from home. It has to be the bravest thing I’ve done so far, and I’ve made mum and dad proud in the process too. 👌

So, a piece of advice from someone how’s done it, takes time to rebuilt yourself up in a foreign country, but if you are thinking about making the big moving step, just do it, everything will be so much better once you’re there. If I could do it, so can you. 💕

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3 Replies to “The Courageous Foreigner”

  1. So proud of you and Happy for your happy ending ( especially because it involves a dear friend! ) Your story gives me the continued Hope I need as so many people I hoped would be supportive of my dream to do the same have not been encouraging at all. Thank you for sharing your story and Joy!

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